Hannes Snellman Summer School 2018 is Approaching!

Tech Is All Around – An Intensive Course on How Tech Affects Contracts and Negotiations

Hannes Snellman Summer School is aimed at Swedish and Finnish law students, and this year, the topic is the impact of tech on contracts and negotiations. The event features lectures and discussions by practitioners from the legal and corporate world as well as networking with experienced experts and other law students. The event takes place at our Stockholm office in Sweden on 23-24 August 2018. Travel and accommodation costs will be covered for those who are selected into the programme and will be travelling from outside of Stockholm.

If you want to find out more about the impact that tech has on contracts and negotiations and what this can mean in practice for you as a future lawyer, make sure to apply to Hannes Snellman Summer School. Further information and more detailed instructions on how to apply will be released soon!

More information about Hannes Snellman Summer School 2018  is available here.