Describe Your Colleague, Part VIII: Laura and Vilja

Assistant to Managing Partner Laura Virkkala and Legal Assistant Trainee Vilja Peltoniemi have been working on the same projects recently. We asked them what they have learned from each other.


“It has been very pleasant to work with Laura. We have not worked together for that long, but there is a lot I could learn from her. Laura is very talented in project management, which is something I could improve on. She is also able to keep everything together and up to date – you could actually say she is an expert in time management and managing herself. Even though Laura has a super hectic work schedule, I really appreciate that she always has the time to help out and answer my questions.”


“It is very refreshing and motivating to see a younger colleague eagerly starting her career. I have learned new ways to do old things and to embrace Vilja’s fearless and open-minded attitude towards any given task. I look forward to continuing working with her during the summer.”