We offer you the opportunity to build your career in an inclusive atmosphere of expertise and professionalism. Our employees have different backgrounds and personalities, but we all share the same values: a commitment to high-quality service and a passion for what we do. At Hannes Snellman everyone is a part of the team from day one.

Our employees’ job satisfaction and well-being are very important to us. In order to enhance the overall job satisfaction, we provide skill development programmes, personal annual plans, as well as fringe and other benefits for all employees. We also make an effort to cherish a sense of community and a good working environment.

All our employees are members of Avocados, our activities club. Avocados arranges several events, such as book clubs, after-work events, sports event try-outs, cooking classes, and skiing trips as well as tickets to concerts and plays – to name just a few. A large part of the activities is also open to friends and family members.