Hannes Snellman Summer School is a two-day event featuring interactive workshops and lectures by practitioners from the legal, corporate, and academic world, as well as networking with other Nordic law students and experienced experts.

Hannes Snellman Summer School is a two-day networking event with a changing topic each time, and it is aimed at Swedish and Finnish law students. In 2019, the topic of the Summer School was Win-Win Situation, and revolved around the lifespan of commercial contracts – from drafting and negotiating their terms and conditions to avoiding and resolving disputes arising from them. The event featured lectures and discussions by practitioners from the legal and corporate world as well as networking with experienced experts and other law students. The 2019 Summer School took place at our Helsinki office in Finland on 23 and 23 and August.


Tuomo Heikkinen

Stora Enso

Marcus Lehtinen

Hannes Snellman

Tiina Lencioni


Jenny Lundberg

Hannes Snellman

Sten Olsson

Hannes Snellman

Martin Rifall

Hannes Snellman

Sarita Schröder

Hannes Snellman

Emma Swahne

Hannes Snellman

Tapio Teräkivi

Hannes Snellman


Thursday 22 August 2019

Arrival at Hannes Snellman’s Helsinki Office

Welcome and Lunch

Introduction to Contracts

Panel Discussion: Contracts in Practice

Workshop I: The Art of Drafting

Dinner & Drinks

Friday 23 August 2019

War Stories from the Business World

Negotiation Skills

Workshop II: A Game of Negotiations


Dispute Avoidance

Workshop III: Damage Control

Future of Contracts

Summer Night City at Hannes’s Rooftop Terrace