Our Values – Our People

Sini Asikainen, HR Manager, Helsinki

We launched a new strategy and values in the autumn of 2018. You can read about HR Manager Sini’s thoughts on the meaning of the value “Our People” below.

How have you experienced the value “Our People” at the office during the past months?

“In my work, I always work with people, be it either current colleagues or potential future ones. Candidates often ask me what has made me stay at Hannes Snellman for so long, and my answer is simple: “our people”. Our people are smart, passionate, funny, and innovative, and they create an atmosphere where working is sometimes challenging but always nice. I love people, I am powered by inspiring people, and conversations with different people are the spice of my work. The Hannes community is strong, diverse, and important to me; it was so great to look around at the summer party, surrounded by nearly 200 colleagues, and be proud of each and every one of them!”